These standard terms of use of the website www.nexstreaming.com and contracting conditions of the services provided by it (hereinafter the WEBSITE), are subscribed, on one part, by the user who accesses the WEBSITE, and, on the other, by Nexstreaming Europe, S.L.U (hereinafter the COMPANY)

In accordance with Directive 2000/31/CE of the European Parliament and the Council, of 8th June 2000, relating to certain legal aspects of information society services, especially e-commerce and in particular article 3 which provides that the current terms of use will be regulated by Spanish legislation, being Spain the member state where the COMPANY is established, and where the COMPANY in practice carries on its economic activity, through stable place of business and for an undefined period of time.

Therefore, in accordance with article 10 of Act 34/2002, of 11th June, of Information Society Services and E-Commerce, it is hereby stated that the COMPANY is the registered owner of the domain name www.nexstreaming.com and that it has its registered office at Calle Capitán Haya, 1, planta 15 (28020), Madrid, company tax code no. B86396561 and is registered in volume 29.661 at the Mercantile Registry of Madrid

Purpose of use

Services provided by this WEBSITE are only available for non-commercial use. If you want to use this website for any kind of commercial purpose, it will be necessary to enter into an agreement with the COMPANY, and, in pursuance thereof, write to the address above indicated.

Object and description of the offered services

Nexstreaming Europe SLU is a commercial entity carrying on the business as a mobile software company. Nexstreaming Europe SLU offers SDKs and mobile applications for different devices and operating systems.

USER may consult all the services included in the WEBSITE, among which are included:

  • Information regarding the NexPlayer SDK: a HLS player SDK for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android TV;
  • A collection of customers and partners associated with NexStreaming Europe SLU;
  • A collection of blog articles regarding company, product and industry updates;
  • The possibility to download the demo apk of the NexPlayer SDK to test live TV, VOD streams or own media.

The COMPANY may modify the services offered on this website and extend or or reduce them. These terms of use will apply in their entirety to all new services whenever the same are not the subject of specific contracting conditions.

Acceptance and access to offered services

To access all the services listed above, it will be necessary to use the navigation on the website provided by the COMPANY. The USER condition is established by access and/or use of the contents provided by this WEBSITE, which implies the full acceptance of these terms of use. These conditions will apply at all times, notwithstanding that specific conditions may apply to the provision of any specific service offered by the COMPANY.


The COMPANY reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel all or any of the terms or conditions that apply to this WEBSITE, provided that 15 days prior notice is given within, and without affecting previous rights acquired by specific users. Advance notice will be given, in the way considered appropriate and effective for the purpose of informing USERS.

USER's obligations

USERS undertake to use the WEBSITE and the Services in accordance with the law, moral, good practices and public order. In compliance with current Law 34/2002 of 11 July of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce no contents must be uploaded to this WEBSITE that may breach:

  • The observance of public order, criminal investigation, public security and national defence.
  • Public health protection or the protection of individuals who are consumers or users, even if they may be considered as investors.
  • The respect for the personal dignity and the principle of non discrimination based on race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or other personal or social circumstance.
  • The protection of youth and childhood.

The USER undertakes to avoid using the WEBSITE and the Services for purposes that are illegal or in breach of those established in these General Conditions; that in any way may damage the rights of third parties, or that in any way may damage, incapacitate, overcharge or be detrimental to the WEBSITE and/or the Services, or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the Website and or the Services by other users.

Any breach of the obligations of the USER shall give the COMPANY the right to interrupt the service given to that USER or to remove the contents provided by him, with the previous intervention of the competent authorities. In any case, if the COMPANY becomes aware in an effective way of that activity or the information stored, it will report the same as soon as possible to the competent authorities, in accordance with Act 34/2002, of 11th July, of Information Society Services and e-commerce.

Denial of access

The COMPANY reserves the right to deny or block the access to the WEBSITE and/or to the services at any time and without notice in advance, to those USERS that fail to fulfil these terms of use or infringe Act 34/2002, of 11th July, of Information Society Services and e-commerce.

Intellectual property

USER undertakes to respect the COMPANY copyright (texts, photographs, images, software, source code, etc.). USER may visualize the different WEBSITES´ contents even print or store them but only for personal and private use. Any transformation, distribution, public communication, modification or alteration thereof or any other mode of commercial use is forbidden without the express written consent of the COMPANY.

USER must abstain from suppressing, altering, eluding or manipulating any security system installed on the WEBSITE.

Links to the WEBSITE

USER wanting to introduce links from their own WEBSITES to this one must comply with the conditions expressed below:

  • It may only link to the homepage but it shall not reproduce it in any way (inline links, copies of texts, images, etc). Links to other website directions will only be permitted if application has been made to the Company and the Company has given its express consent.
  • Any kind of frames that allow the visualization of the contents of this WEBSITE from other external URLs are forbidden, even if they are visualized together with external contents in a way that may:
    • Mislead USERS about the real origin of the contents
    • Constitute a disloyal comparison or imitation
    • Take advantage of COMPANY's Brand reputation or prestige
    • Or in any other way are prohibited by the current law or amount to a breach of good professional practice as accepted in respect of the Internet.
  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about the COMPANY, it´s workers, it´s clients or quality of it´s services shall appear in the website where the link is shown
  • In no case it must be said that the COMPANY sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the website where the link is shown.

The website that shows the link must comply with law and should not link to contents which are illegal, injurious or which damage moral and good uses, or which are are inappropriate or injure the COMPANY´S interests.

Responsibilities of the parties


  • Shall be subject to civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities established by the Law
  • Shall be subject to the specific responsibilities due to its function of provider of information society services.


User will be expressly responsible for:

  • The contents uploaded by him in the communications addressed to the COMPANY.
  • Any illegal, damaging or harmful act.
  • Any kind of noncompliance with these terms of use

Responsibility disclosure

The COMPANY will not be neither directly nor subsidiarily responsible for:

  • The service quality, the access speed, the correct working or the availability or continuity of the functioning WEBSITE.
  • Information or opinions introduced by users or third parties.
  • Damages caused to the user´s systems by an incorrect use of this WEBSITE by third parties.

If you detect any kind of non-fulfilment of these terms of use or breach of the law, please contact us as soon as possible at the address: NexStreaming Europe SLU C/Capitán Haya, 1, planta 15 (28020), de Madrid or  e-mail us.

Forum and jurisdiction

These terms of use are governed by applicable and current European and Spanish legislation. In the cases when another legislation must be applied or when a court decision considers that one of these conditions shall not be applied, only that condition shall be deleted, and the rest shall remain in full effect.

For any dispute resulting from offered services or from the contents of this WEBSITE, by the acceptance of these terms of use, parties submit to Madrid courts. Except for when another jurisdiction is competent to resolve the disputed law suit according to the applicable legislation.