NexPlayer360 SDK for 360 Video Apps



The NexPlayer SDK is now available with 360 video functionality making immersive video experiences possible. NexPlayer360 includes the same streaming, download and playback capabilities with the same advanced feature set as NexPlayer SDK but supporting also the most advanced and seamless navigation within 360 videos.

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NEXPLAYER360 SDK for 360 Video Apps
Capable of rendering 360   videos with HD resolution and HW-boosted premium video. Both equirectangular and Cubemap formats are supported                        quality. 

API for moving, rotating and zooming the view, enabling the app developer to move                            freely within the 360 video with custom                                controls.

Thanks to the Touch input you will be able to interact in different ways with your 360                                 content.

Our Motion Sensor algorithms allows the video view to respond to motion events performed by the device generating a realistic way of interacting with 360 videos.

Capable of switching between normal 360 view and Headset mode during runtime to be used with VR headsets as Google Cardboard or                            Samsung Gear VR.

2D and 3D-360 stereoscopic content supported. Ambisonics 360ยบ surround sound



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