CEO's Message



ceo pic 2-255x300Hello, I’m Il-Taek Lim, the CEO of NexStreaming.

With the global community placing increasing importance on software, NexStreaming was established in 2002 with a dream to emerge as a company specializing in software development.

Since its foundation, NexStreaming has been developing multimedia software for mobile devices ceaselessly and has grown as a media player software company.

This is an age of dramatic development in smartphones as well as strong growth in the market for tablet PCs and smart TV. Ultimately, we will enter an era when office walls consist of smart screens instead of concrete. Such smart screens require a wide range of multimedia functions to support audio and video files, and for this purpose, multimedia software is critically essential. As a multimedia software company, NexStreaming will assist you in this coming era, committed to enhancing the functions of your multimedia products and to maximizing their value as your partner in business.

What the future holds is clear: a more full-fledged era of software than the present. Countless systems with useful benefits to humankind will be launched, allowing us to explore our infinite possibilities and imagination, all made possible by software. NexStreaming promises to become a leader in this era.

Thank you.

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