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  • Player SDKs easy to integrate into any Android / iOS / Android TV / Set-Top Box

  • Supporting all OS versions and devices with one library and with the same features. Forget device fragmentation!

  • PD/Local Playback, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and DASH are all supported out of the box
  • 360-degree video supported
  • Robust and market proven with more than 200 top references: See some of our customers here

  • Intelligent Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) algorithms to ensure the best mobile video experience in every device

  • Best video performances everywhere: HD resolution and HW-boosted premium video quality that makes the most of every device

  • Latest codecs: H264 Baseline/Main/High Profile, AAC...

  • Customizable feature set and API (i.e. for advanced advertisement insertion)

  • Most advanced closed captioning CEA 608/708, ID3, TTML, 3GPP, WebVTT, SMI, SRT, SUB...

  • Multiple audio tracks

  • Optional Add-ons: Dolby, Conviva, Agama, DTS...

  • Compatible with any DRM: Playready, Verimatrix...

  • Native players can be easily hacked; our preintegrated player/DRM solutions provide the highest security levels to prevent content theft

  • Excellent and timely customer support

NexPlayer is the leading HLS Player SDK for Android. Now supporting several multiscreen platforms and new streaming and DRM formats with 360 video capabilities