NexPlayer for Unity



NexPlayer for Unity is a multiscreen streaming player for Unity apps that supports both standard and 360 video playback across all Android, iOS and PC devices. NexPlayer for Unity is the only playback solution for Unity that supports HLS & DASH live streaming across all devices, advanced events and out of the box 360 video navigation.


NexPlayer for Unity Features

  • Easy to integrate into any Unity app

  • Working across all Android, iOS and PC devices

  • HLS & MPEG-DASH live streaming across all devices

  • Local playback & progressive download

  • Advanced events for playback analytics extraction

  • Out of the box 360 video: video stabilization and advanced seamless navigation with touch input and movement sensor

  • 24/7 personalized technical support

  • WebGL Support


NexPlayer for Unity Other Solutions      

678134 sign check 128 HLS & DASH Live Streaming across all Android, iOS and PC devices

256 256 61602bb3d5f907c150d29127362045e9 cross No DASH across mobile platforms. HLS only working in newer devices

 678134 sign check 128 Advanced Events for easy analytics extraction are supported

 256 256 61602bb3d5f907c150d29127362045e9 cross Advanced events are not supported

678134 sign check 128 Out of the Box 360 Video Navigation

256 256 61602bb3d5f907c150d29127362045e9 cross 360 Video Navigation must be build by developers

 678134 sign check 128 All Android devices

256 256 61602bb3d5f907c150d29127362045e9 cross Only Android 4.1+ devices

678134 sign check 128 24/7 customized support

 256 256 61602bb3d5f907c150d29127362045e9 cross Limited Support







Nexplayer Unity




NexPlayer is the leading HLS Player SDK for Android. Now supporting several multiscreen platforms and new streaming and DRM formats with 360 video capabilities